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Ideal for larger websites and apps that require dedicated options at a lower price.

All resources are dedicated to the KVM VPS and are not shared with other users on the same physical device.

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Linux Dedicated

A Supermicro Blade Server unit dedicated to you, with rock-solid scalable performance!

Choose from Dual and Quad Core Hyper-Threaded servers for the performance you need.

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Managed Dedicated

Receive the power of our Dedicated Servers along with our in-house experts to help manage your system.

All plans include a team of experts who will set up, manage, monitor your servers and help you in any way possible.

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All server features and infrastructure are maintained and upgraded on a regular basis to keep up and sometimes even exceed current trends. To bring out the best quality and performance to you, some features may be available from one of our third party partners and service providers. Prices, services and features are all subject to change. For more information and to request further support, don't hesitate to contact us.

Frecuently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A VPS is a virtual machine running inside a Server or Computer with its own Operating System. Think of it as a server inside a server. Unlike Dedicated Servers, a VPS shares some resources from the host computer.

What is the difference between VPS and Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Servers run one hosting account per physical computer/server. VPS on the other hand, share a single server, with the advantage of good hardware specs and full control of your Virtual Server, similar to a Dedicated Server account.

What is the difference between VPS and Shared Hosting?

The main difference is that Shared Hosting accounts can have several micro-servers running within the same server, all sharing the same resources (Storage, RAM, Software, etc) and may have some unwavering limitations.

A Virtual Private Server instead is a FULL Virtual Server within a Dedicated Computer/Server, using a set amount of RAM, CPU cores, Storage. Unlike Shared Hosting, you have ROOT Access, which allows you to install and manage your own server software, for more proprietary needs. There are other advantages, but that's the main reason.

What is the difference between VPS and Cloud Hosting?

While both, VPS and Cloud Hosting share some common traits, Cloud Hosting is basically a shared server with cloud expandability. Meaning that you have full control over your account and can even increase performance by adding RAM and CPU cores to your particular account. You also enjoy of unlimited storage capacity (with BZVweb), however all server side software is handled by us.

What is Container Support?

Basically it means that whatever is related to our actual hardware (including ports, redirections, connectivity and the like) or Operating System related tasks, we handle those. Everything else is your server administrator's responsibility. You may request special non-container support for an additional fee (based on need and time required to complete the task). When you contact our Support Team, our technicians will review your request and if deemed non-container support, you will be informed prior to completing any tasks. If it is container support, our agents will work directly.

What is the difference between Dedicated and Managed?

While both types of service provide Dedicated Servers, regular dedicated (Linux and Windows) will only provide container-related support and only come with the core Operating System installed. Control Panels are extra and additional server software is your responsibility.

On the other hand, a Managed Dedicated Server (Windows Dedicated coming soon) will come built-in with cPanel and all required software to run from the very beginning. Additional support and installations can also be requested to our team and we'll install it for you. We pretty much handle everything you need us to. If something falls out of our range (like web design, for example), you will be quoted accordingly.

Why are your prices so High/Low?

We ensure that our prices are fair. We do not believe in "Click Bait" where a small fee is presented but forces you to renew at a much higher price, to a sometimes terrible surprise. Our pricing is clear and simple. If you have a promotional code, you will receive that promotion for as long as it allows, for new and/or existing services.

I cannot find promotional codes

We will be posting promotional codes on our (new) BZVwebfacebook page. However, most clients contact us directly to ask for running promotions that may apply to them. This is specially true for non-profits, foundations, good-cause and other businesses wanting to make a difference.

I still have questions

We will be posting some video tutorials for most common tasks and frequently asked questions. Our knowledgebase will also be expanding to cover as much as possible. However, if you have urgent questions, please contact our support team via the ticket system.

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If you need further assistance, we invite you to use our ticket support system.

Thank you for choosing BZVweb for your Professional Web Hosting needs!

Some of the technology used in our servers thanks to these partners: cPanel, vmWare, CentOS, debian, Parallels Virtuozo and others.